Joseph Mullins
Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota

See below for my publications and recent worker papers. Find my CV here.

working papers:

"Firms' Choices of Wage-Setting Protocols in the Presence of Minimum Wages", with Christopher Flinn - pdf

In this paper we study a frictional labor market where firms that bargain and renegotiate wages compete with firms that post non-negotiable wage offers. We establish some new and quantitatively important mechanisms through which policy interventions, such as the minimum wage, can impact the welfare and wages of workers.

"Improving Child Outcomes through Welfare Reform" - pdf

Using a model of maternal labor supply and investment in children, I show that government transfer programs can affect child development by distorting female labor supply decisions and shifting two resources: household income and maternal hours at home. The key causal parameters of the model can be identified using instrumental variables, provided in this case by exogenous changes to the US welfare system and tax code through the 1990s. These estimates are used to forecast the impact of counterfactual transfer programs.

"Family Law Effects on Divorce, Fertility, and Child Investment", with Meta Brown and Christopher Flinn - slides

In this project we develop a model in which married couples make decisions regarding divorce, fertility, and time investment in their children. The model is dynamic and noncooperative, and the solution concept is Markov Perfect Equilibrium. We estimate the model using data on time investment, fertility, and divorce, from the PSID. Along the margin of indifference between divorce and marriage, divorce has heterogeneous effects on children. Thus, various "promarital" policies can have positive or negative developmental impacts on children.


"Labor Market Search and Schooling Investment", with Christopher Flinn, International Economic Review 50 (May 2015) - pdf